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      Aspects of Life
                     A collection of poems by Kai F. Mahnert

                          Moonstone Productions * Brisbane - Galway - Essen, 1998



I' m only here.

Don't bother to talk,
I will be gone
before your sentence
is finished.

I' m only here.

If you look you will see
just me in the corner
but nothing
for I' m only here.

I' m only here.

If you listen to me
I' m like spoken words
that never will be
in a text.

I' m only here.

I' m the cat on the roof,
the smoke in the chimney,
the frost on the window,
and the passing of time.

Now I'm gone.

This poem has also been published in:
A Forgotten Paradise.
The International Library of Poetry.ISBN 1 -58235 - 146 -5
Owing Mills, MD 2117, 2000, p. 127


Sunset at Sea

I see
how sky and water meet
like two lovers
having known each other so long.

I hear
the waves on the shore
like a circle
drumming the beat of life.

I feel
the chill in the air
like a cold hand
touching the child inside.

I smell
the howling wind
like a herald
of scents from a far-away land.

I taste
the savoury sea
like a dream
dancing on my tongue.

And sea and air
take their child, the horizon,
and dive once more
into darkness.


Kiss of Ikarus

A last look below  -
I hold my breath 
my arms rise up 
my feet lose ground

The moment of fall
is eternal fear - 
will I find the wave
to carry me on?

I feel the wind
beneath my wings
it drags me higher
on to the sun

I feel the heat
burning my skin
but up here pain
can not persist

With a sigh of relief
I fold my wings -
Behind my back
I see the stars

The air around me
begins to sing

my hair entangled
I hum its tune

Above and beyond
a corn of dust
floating through the sea
control is lost

Sensation passes
I feel the earth
still drawing closer
my wings are spread

A painful thought
as I hit the ground
but my shattered limbs
are still winged

I open my eyes
I see your face
the tears of joy
are still flowing

With a last look below
we hold our breaths
our wings are spread
and we fly