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Essener Songtage 1968
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      Aspects of Life
                     A collection of poems by Kai F. Mahnert

                          Moonstone Productions * Brisbane - Galway - Essen, 1998

My tree of life
is digging its roots
ever deeper
into the soil of existence

Passing seconds
drop down by my side
like stones,
building a wall of memory

Leaning against
my growing little wall,
I look forward
onto the road to somewhere

Every rock
that I come across
I add it
to the others behind me

While my tree,
still just a sapling,
grows further
to meet my future.

Also published/ auch veröffentlicht in:
Time after Time.
The International Library of Poetry
2000 Owing Mills, MD/ USA


Escaping Attention

The labyrinth of thoughts,
corners and walls out of nowhere,
a dead end before and no path behind,
trapped in a room without doors

A flashing light all around,
a thunder of voices shaking my head
walls make way for emptiness
when all thinking comes to an end

I sense the senselessness of the sentences
but restrain my attempts to call out
for the pain began with a cry such as that
though it wasn't a cry for help

Turning Winter

Today is one of those days
when you think everything is turning
nothing around you is stable
and you're losing all you've known

In a seemingly perfect day
hides the tragic of a lifetime
direction lost, hopes overturned
where are you gonna go

A warm autumn sun
shines down to dry your tears
but the tears inside your heart
are still flowing

The feeling of eternity
only appears with the face of sorrow
misery without an end
so it seems

The thoughts you try to think
disappear in a cloud of pain
that rises up around you
with the might of a tidal wave

No sense of time is left
no feeling for the right way
your hope and trust is dying
where are you gonna go?